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Hanukkah Menorah in Blues by Yair Emanuel

This Yair Emanuel Anodized Aluminum Hanukkah Menorah features nine branches in calming hues of blue with a base of silver ideal for those who love simple and elegant. The ninth holder "Shamash" serves as the focal point as it is the shortest branch placed above the eight branches. The calming colors of silver and blue are aesthetically pleasing and this Menorah can feature as an art piece in the home year-round. The anodized aluminum creates a clean, simple and modern look for those who love that extra touch.

The legendary miracle of Hanukkah came about when the Jews returned to the Temple to purify and rededicate it. As they got ready to light the Temple menorah, they found only one small flask of oil, not nearly enough to last until more olive oil could be purified and prepared. But this small flask of oil, enough for only one day, lasted for eight days and nights. Thus Hanukkah is celebrated with the kindling of lights every night for eight nights.
Material Aluminio
Dimensiones 26x18x3cm
Tiempo estimado de ejecución: 3-5 Días Laborales.
El tiempo de procesamiento de su orden es el número estimado de días que le llevará a su orden ser preparada para su envío desde nuestro centro de cumplimiento con sede en Israel.

Hanukkah Menorah in Blues by Yair Emanuel

This Hanukkah Menorah will stand tall and elegantly on a windowsill with its slender pipe-like branches supported by a silver base.
The illuminating Hanukkah candles will create a glow throughout the home by bouncing off the shiny tones of silver and blue.

This can be great as a wedding gift for the home.