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Información de la Piedra

This 4 gigabyte Disk on Key features the words 'Yevarechecha Hashem' on the sides, is set with a diamond, loaded with a digital Book of Tehillim (Psalms) and a great gift idea for the constant traveler.

Tipo de Piedra Diamante
Cantidad de Piedras 1
Descripción de la Piedra 2 pt.

4GB Sterling Silver "Yevarechecha Hashem" Disk on Key with Diamond and Tehillim

This great 4 gigabyte Disk on Key pendant is engraved on its sides with the opening of the Priestly Blessing, "Yevarechecha Hashem", which means "May G-d bless you" in Hebrew. The front of this disk has a small diamond set in the bottom left corner and is loaded with the book of Tehillim, the Book of Psalms composed by King David, his son Solomon and either other poets that praises G-d in all situations. The text of this edition was produced by the Davka Company and is in phonetic transliterated Hebrew, which means the Hebrew text can be read as if it were English.